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“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone's house and eat with him
... the people who give you their food give you their heart.”

Cesar Chavez, Labor leader Civil rights activist 1927 - 1993

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Fresh Caesar Salad
romaine tossed with parmesan
dressing and croutons

Our House Fruited
Field Green Salad

fresh field greens, seasonal fruits goat cheese and a light
raspberry dressing

Traditional Garden Salad
cherry tomatoes, cucumbers,
black olives, mushrooms
sprinkled with feta cheese and our own balsamic
vinaigrette dressing


Plus 17% staffing fee or $300 whichever is greater
and local sales tax.

Bakery fresh rolls and butter
Silver, linen napkins
and china-like plates.
Stainless steel chafing dishes.
Display tables, and linens
1.5 hours of serving time.

Coffee station @ $2.00
Mini Dessert Station @ $4.50
Combine with Wedding
@ $13.05

Braised Sirloin
in a rich burgandy, beef
& vegetable reduction

Braised Boneless
Pork Ribs

you will taste a touch of sweetness and cinnamon in this
cider and fresh apple reduction

Braised Boneless
Tender Chicken Breast

covered in Mirepoix Ragout


Plus local sales tax.

Bakery fresh rolls and butter
Disposable utensils,
paper napkins and
china-like plates.
Wire re-usable chafing
dishes with
water pan and sterno.
Free delivery within 40 miles
of Clifton Park

Dessert Trays @ $4.50

Minimum 50 Adults
children under 12 half price
Two children at half price is the equivalent of one adult

Chicken Gallo
lightly breaded boneless
chicken breast, baked with
mushrooms, parmesan,
and fresh mozzarella
in a pinot grigio wine sauce

Chicken Francese
a buttery lemon-wine and parmesan sauce drenches
lightly battered, melt-in-your-mouth chicken

Chicken Kiev
you will find it hard to resist this classic dish of boneless sauteed chicken breast topped with a butter sauce of green onion, parsley, and garlic

Chicken Marasala
savor this classic Italian dish made with mushrooms and marasala wine gravy

Chicken Parmesan
lightly breaded chicken breast topped with homemade
sauce & mozzarella cheese

Choice of Tossed Pasta
we will toss your favorite pasta with the same delicious sauce or gravy as your chicken selection

Pesto & Pasta
your favorite pasta tossed with homemade pesto, ricotta, parmesan cheese, garlic, parsley and topped with toasted pine nuts and a dollop of fresh ricotta

Pasta Aglio E Olio
your favorite pasta tossed with virgin olive oil, toasted garlic and parsley, then topped with
fresh grated parmesan

Pasta Alfredo
your favorite pasta tossed with rich homemade creamy
pecorino romano alfredo

Penne Ala Grace
penne with sautéed charred sundried tomatoes, garlic
and red pepper flakes,
in a mozzarella cream sauce

Oven Roasted
Red Potatoes

baby red potatoes tossed
with olive oil & garlic
then roasted golden brown

Salted Baby or
Fingerling Potatoes

steamed until tender
and sweet, tossed in extra
virgin olive oil & sea salt

Garlic Mashed Potatoes
creamy mashed potatoes with bits of roasted garlic and fresh parsley

Spinach & Garlic Sauté
spinach gently sautéed with
garlic and olive oil

Sweet Peas & Pancetta
baby peas sautéed with salty pancetta and onions

Oven Roasted Fresh Vegetables & Herbs
the seasons freshest vegetables roasted with whole garlic
cloves and 5 fresh herbs

Roasted Green &
Yellow Beans

tossed with olive oil and
onions and roasted

Tuscany Stuffed Tomatoes sweet red tomatoes topped with parsley, capers, oregano,
garlic and baked


The selections seen here are our most popular menu items. If there is a menu selection that you have seen on one of our other menus we will gladly substitute it for you. Or if there is a menu idea that you would like us to include we will be happy to accommodate most requests.
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